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About Shangri-La Apartments

Building Description: Shangri-La Apartments are still among the, most desired preference for accommodation for both individuals and families in a similar way, completing anticipation and more. It is a part of the Shangri-La Hotel group that is famous everywhere as Singapore apartments for rent popular due to its true hospitality. When a person thinks of mixing thoughtful layouts to alluring recreational offers, he even a tenant of Shangri-La Apartments take pride in privileged gaining to take over all the facilities and services of the Hotel. Also signing facilities is available, at the award achieved, restaurants and bars of the hotel.
Accommodation: Marked bougainvillea planters are linked to every part serve to give off sunny ambience to every part. Every furniture piece is chosen to mix uniquely with each other. The complete stylishness of every Singapore serviced apartments is increased by high ceilings and chandeliers.
Location: Habitants of Shangri-La Apartments as for serviced apartments in Singapore, sense pleasure of peace and calmness. It is situated on the renowned address of the island. Along with this guests also have the feasibility of being at a leisurely walk from popular shopping and entertainment area of Singapore i.e. Orchard Road.

Shangri-La Apartments, Singapore


Home away from home- Singapore serviced apartments for rent

Singapore is among the top ten financial centers of the world. It hosts many businessmen who visit here for various durations. Serviced apartments have emerged to be the best accommodation option for such people as well as for those who visit here for tourism.

Why serviced apartments?
Hotels can be a good option for accommodation, but these cannot provide the privacy that people expect these days. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, are well equipped with housing accessories and provide you privacy like your own home. They also have attached kitchens where you can cook and have a nice stay. Unlike hotel rooms, which can accommodate only a handful of people at a time and you have to book another room if the number exceeds two or maximum three, a large sized serviced apartment is the ideal place to host your entire family.

The best part, however, is the homely feeling that you will get in serviced apartments away from the constantly barging hotel staff. Moreover, serviced apartments are much cheaper than staying in a hotel with the same level of luxuries. That is why the hotels have left behind by the serviced apartment in the competition.
It is also a good option for people whose houses are under renovation. Now, there is no need to trouble your relatives or shrink your living area to one room of your house. You can rent a serviced apartment and live there until your house is ready to welcome you again.

You will get Singapore serviced apartments for rent in different parts of the city and you can choose one which best suits your requirements. Then there is choice of size; you can have serviced apartments ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms according to your requirements. However, the minimum stay duration may vary with different apartments.

The unconventional location of the apartments, unlike the hotels that are predominantly situated in the busy heart of the city, also attracts travelers, as they can choose a location away from the hustles and bustles of the cities. You may seek the apartments—in the lap of the nature—in the outskirt of the city.

If you`re looking to live in Singapore for an extended period of time, we suggest you to stay at Shangri-La Apartments for a comfortable stay. Move and Stay allows you to book easily a Singapore apartment, whether you`re looking for a serviced apartment, an aparthotel, or a residential apartment for rent. Many of our Singapore serviced apartments come with full accommodations, including a full kitchen and a lounge.

In order to provide the most convenient service, Move and Stay helps you find orchard, singapore apartments for rent with our easy-to-use apartment locator. Simply fill in the required information and search for your orchard, singapore apartment.

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